A gift for your garden this Christmas!

In the garden, sun and rain and who knows, between the passage of each other, give a little time to plan a picnic, a party or a barbecue?

The garden is the ideal place for parties: letting the kids explore, run, smell the scents of the earth. Outdoors, one sleeps with the infinite sky like a huge blanket, grows more freely.

Who has seen the cururú frog, for example? For children, the discovery of a frog in the garden is unforgettable! That being camouflaged and hidden in the foliage, who lives by eating such annoying flies and mosquitoes in the summer.

But if there’s no real frog in your yard, why not give your garden or porch a decorative item? A figurine to watch over the childish world, a short story character, or just a little reminder for this space to go a little beyond its initial function and stimulate the imagination?

How about populating the space with an admired object or a recycling job? An old shoe that turns into a vase, a broken umbrella transformed into a luminous sculpture… Any manifestation of life, of inclusion, is worth it, so your garden will also be inhabited by fantasy, the symbolic.

In the lives of children, we can understand this need, but the life of the adult can also have a place for joy and naive fun.

Outside Brazil, in the countries of europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States, these adornments populate the childhood of thousands. This is the case of the Germans, famous for their garden dwarfs. In Florida, the use of flamingos is common. In england, they like salamanders, statues of bunnies, birds and frogs, and even feature wonderful children’s stories, such as writer, poet and naturalist Beatrix Porter.

Here in Brazil, in the past, one could see the outer walls of the houses, swallows from the Portuguese tradition, which represented the return of the good times ( summer ). Perhaps we should resurrect tales and legends of our culture, with our dearest characters, a Viscount Sabugosa reading on a rock, a Saci Perere hidden in the banana leaves?

Strolling through the varied Brazilian gardens and balconies are wheels and ox carts, old pieces of old mills, old canoes, iron kettles, clay girls perched on windows, fountains for birds, colourful cloth flags, and flower-jugs planted in a cascade effect, each region with its particularities.

The appropriation of space is also made through these symbols and we are not sure how they impact the lives of those who pass by and see them, but surely they are a message of welcome and hope in the garden, a milestone of conquest and possibly the door of entrance to the subjective world, a place of contemplation, far from the tasks and complications of life.

For those who accompany me here at Connection Planet, I would like to take the opportunity and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year with lots of hands-on the earth, plants in profusion and joy in your garden and garden!

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