14 practices to do to get rid of mice quickly

Did you find some cookie packages that aren’t exactly opened with care? In the morning, on the kitchen counter, did you find small black cylinders (half a centimeter long)? Is your dishwasher no longer working? Choose the best rat poisons here https://pestcontrolhacks.com/best-rat-poisons-an-all-rounded-review-of-8-best-poisons/.

Well you are not the first to have an unwanted guest in the house!

The mice, in autumn, not finding much to eat outside, try to approach the houses to find food and a warm shelter for the winter. It can become a real headache to drive away mice from the house and it certainly creates a lot of problems having this guest in the house.

These little creatures can slip anywhere, even in the most unexpected spaces, compromising the hygiene of your home: they carry diseases and germs, they leave urine and feces wherever they go, and they can even carry fleas. In addition, mice reproduce often and quickly. A female can produce 5-10 litters each year, giving birth to about 10 mice per litter.

Not to mention the damage to all appliances: they slip into the dishwasher and the oven devouring electrical wires and plastic pipes!

1 Keep the kitchen and pantry clean

Clean all kitchen surfaces and countertops, counters and sinks with household cleaners and disinfectants. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. In addition to not attracting mice with smells, you can check if they have passed by leaving their traces: excrement, sawdust and crumbled paper.

2 Keep cookies and all food in well-sealed containers

It is important not to leave food within their reach: mice gnaw paper, plastic cardboard and open food packages easily. This could also dissuade them from changing areas to find more food.

4 Keep rubbish in closed metal containers

Our garbage is a source of treats for mice. Make sure garbage cans have an adjustable, resealable lid and are always closed when no one is using them. If you have a compost bin, it’s time to empty it and prepare another round of compost. The paper container must also be tightly closed: the mice could make a nice refuge there.

5 Seal any holes and cracks

Try to eliminate all possible access routes to your home: house mice can slip anywhere, even in the most unexpected spaces. Check the entire house very carefully for potential access points. It seals pipes and ventilation ducts. Window roller shutter boxes are also used as access points.
Put some steel wool in the pipes and ducts before sealing them. The steel wool will add an extra protective barrier in case of stubborn and resistant mice.
All openings larger than a pencil sharpener are potential entry points. Make sure you seal them all.

6 Adopt a cat

If you didn’t already have it at home, it’s time to get one!
The cat is the most effective and “natural” solution to eliminate any mice and discourage other mice to move in with you. Cats are born hunters: they love to catch and sometimes eat mice.

7 A natural repellent: cat litter boxes

If you really don’t like having a cat at home, get the dirty litter box from whoever has it. The ammonia smell of cat urine is a strong repellent for mice who know what it means: a hunting cat nearby.
Snake feces are also a great natural repellent, perhaps a little more difficult to get hold of if you don’t have a nearby exotic animal store.

8 Peppermint essential oil

Experiment with peppermint oil as a repellent. Try dipping a cotton ball in peppermint oil and leaving the balls in strategic places in your home. This way you can dissuade mice from entering the house.

9 Get some mousetraps

Classic snap traps are effective and you can throw the trap away with the mouse because they are very cheap. While they may seem cruel to you, they kill mice quickly and are undoubtedly a safer solution than poison if you have small children or pets.

10 Try ultrasonic repellents

Try ultrasonic repellent devices: thanks to the modulated emission of ultrasounds at high pressure, it causes a disturbance to the acoustic nerve of mice and rats who are thus forced to leave the environment in which the device is in operation. The variability of frequencies prevents mice and rats from getting used to them. The device can be used in any domestic environment as it does not use chemicals; it is, therefore, suitable for the reclamation of cellars, garages, houses, attics, food deposits, etc.

11 Safety stage. Safe and practical even in outdoor environments

Professional safety container for rodenticide baits. It protects the baits from atmospheric agents, preventing them from being dispersed into the environment. Equipped with a removable key, it is only accessible to mice and rats, thus avoiding accidental ingestion by children, pets, and wildlife. Equipped with: a plastic container for fresh and granular baits, metal support with support springs to fix paraffinized baits with holes. Suitable for large mice and rats.

12 Sticky traps

Use sticky traps. Sticky traps will catch mice effectively, but are less popular than other methods because they cause the rat to die from stress or starvation and can trap other animals as well.

13 To extreme evils, extreme remedies: poisoned baits

The rodenticide bait leaves no escape for the poor mouse that ingests it. Based on Bromadiolone, one of the most powerful active ingredients currently on the market, it acts with single ingestion. Fresh pasta is made up of a mixture of top quality food substances. Contains a specific gustatory repellent to prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
Note: The downside to poison baits is that they are also toxic to humans (and will cause vomiting). You will also have to deal with dead mice in inaccessible places resulting in stink as well as attracting other unwanted animals.

14 Last resort: call a professional!

If you’ve tried them all and still haven’t solved the problem or the mouse has set up a winter colony for all his family and relatives: call a professional! He will know what to do!… Maybe it is also an opportunity to take a holiday away from home for a couple of weeks.

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